Getting To “YES” With Murph

Murph Wysocki YouTube ChannelAt-large supervisor candidate Murph Wysocki recently released another in his series of brief video messages. This one focuses on his vision for pushing along the Paoli Transit Center project and how much completing the project would mean financially to greater Tredyffrin. Murph, along with his teammates, supervisor candidates Molly Duffy and Tory Snyder, have all made economic revitalization major themes of their campaigns.
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Setting Record Straight on Blog Citation

Molly Duffy campaign card thumbnailTTDems recently helped candidate Molly Duffy and her campaign committee with the preparation of a campaign postcard mailed to residents. Community Matters blogger Pattye Benson took issue with using her blog as the source for a quote from Molly's opponent. On her blog Ms. Benson has written harsh commentary, implying our candidate's campaign information was incorrect and misused material. Here we set the record straight, with citations and including full text of TTDem Chair Dariel Jamieson's explanatory letter to Ms. Benson, published only in excerpted form on the blog. Sorry for the tedium, but we want TTDem supporters assured there was no unfairness or trickery in Molly Duffy’s campaign efforts.
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