Tredyffrin Democrats Win Two Seats in November 8th Election

Karen Cruickshank photolinkAnalisa Sondergaard photolinkTredyffrin Democratic candidates prevailed in two of the local races in yesterday's election.
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Getting To “YES” With Murph

Murph Wysocki YouTube ChannelAt-large supervisor candidate Murph Wysocki recently released another in his series of brief video messages. This one focuses on his vision for pushing along the Paoli Transit Center project and how much completing the project would mean financially to greater Tredyffrin. Murph, along with his teammates, supervisor candidates Molly Duffy and Tory Snyder, have all made economic revitalization major themes of their campaigns.
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Candidate Debates Viewable Online

For those of you who missed them, the League of Women Voters-sponsored candidate debates are now viewable online as streaming video.
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Moving Tredyffrin in the right direction

Murph Wysocki photo linkSupervisor candidate Murph Wysocki shares his reasons for running and plans for working with the rest of the Democratic team to get Tredyffrin back on track.
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Vote for Tredyffrin Democrats on November 8th!

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