Gerrymandering / Redistricting

We Need Your Help

You have probably heard of some of the problems that are caused by gerrymandering. But the reality is that gerrymandering is getting much worse. The manipulation of political district lines by Democrats or Republicans to guarantee their own election and protect their lock on power has a long and byzantine history in American politics. But the black art of gerrymandering is now being carried to extremes (to see how extreme recent redistricting has become, look at the progression of the map of the seventh congressional district):

If you want a more in-depth look at the problems of gerrymandering, here is a link to a YouTube video of a presentation by Fair Districts PA that explains why changing the way we do redistricting is so very important:

One of the conclusions we can and should draw about gerrymandering is that it undermines our democracy. This is not a Democratic issue, it is not a Republican issue, it is not an Independent issue. It affects each and every one of us. It is fair to say that gerrymandering is undermining the integrity of American elections.

The good news is that we have Fair Districts PA working on our behalf to change that…but they need our help. The goal is to change how redistricting is done in PA by establishing an independent, citizen’s commission that will be responsible for redistricting. But that will require action by our representatives in Harrisburg to change the state constitution. The good news is that bills have been introduced in both the PA Senate (SB 22) and PA House (HB 722). But now we need to let our representatives know that we are asking them to support these bills.

To that end, on Primary Day, Tuesday May 16, we would like to collect signatures on petitions asking for our representatives’ support in changing the way redistricting is done in PA.

So where do you fit in? We need your help in collecting these signatures. We would like to have volunteers collecting signatures at each of the polling places in Tredyffrin Township on Primary Day. We would like to have these volunteers at each polling place starting at 7am when the polls open until 8pm when they close. For each volunteer, we are asking for whatever time you can make available, whether it is one hour or one day…

It is important to note that this is a nonpartisan effort on behalf of Fair Districts PA, not a TTDems effort. We do not want to politicize this issue.

This might seem like a big effort. But we’ll provide the petitions, handouts, background information and talking points. If someone wants more information than you can provide, we will have contact information for follow up. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well this can go. We hope you’ll consider lending a hand for however much time you can spare.

If you are interested in volunteering, have any questions you want answered, or otherwise want to discuss this further, please reply to Jerry Henige,, 610 341-0756. Please provide your name, email, phone number, and if you can volunteer, the times you would be available and the precinct or polling place that you vote at. I will work up a schedule later this week.

And if you have any family, friends or neighbors that might be willing to volunteer at any in the township, please forward them this request and have them also reply to Jerry Henige,, 610 341-0756 with their name, email, phone, precinct or polling place and times when they would be available.

Thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity…  please volunteer for democracy.

Any questions, please contact Jerry Henige,, 610 341-0756

Ps. Please consider joining the Fair Districts PA email list at