Pennsylvania Supreme Court takes Historic Action on Gerrymandering

Scale superimposed on a drawing of electoral districts

Gerrymandering: One big step forward; many more steps to go


The PA Supreme Court has declared that the US Congressional District map for Pennsylvania is unconstitutional.  They have ordered the legislature to present a new map to the governor by Feb 9.  The govern

Picture of 7th Congressional District as it contorts across 5 counties from Montgomery and Chester into Berks and Lancaster

Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District. One of the most gerrymandered in the USA.

or has until Feb 15 to approve it. … Read the rest

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Tredyffrin Has Turned Blue! Tipping Point Reached

New voter counts from the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania as of 15 January 2018

Democrats 9045     Republicans 9010

Statement from Kathleen Keohane, Chairperson of Tredyffrin Democrats about this Event

Tredyffrin Democrats reach the tipping point and look for big wins in 2018

Thank you, thank you! The TTDEMS appreciate your enthusiastic volunteer efforts to get Tredyffrin voters to the polls last November.… Read the rest

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Meehan Withdraws from Race for 7th Congressional District

Picture of 7th Congressional District as it contorts across 5 counties from Montgomery and Chester into Berks and Lancaster

Tredyffrin is in the 6th Congressional District right now, but the maps are being redrawn.  It is possible that we could end up in the 7th since it surrounds us.


Article and Headline with picture of Patrick Meehan detailing the events leading up to his withdrawal from the race for the 7th Congressional Seat

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Women’s March Philadelphia Great Success

Resist, Persist, Rise Up

Great Weather. Great Signs. Pink Hats. Huge Crowd. Peaceful. Police visible but not intrusive. Paoli R5 Standing Room Only. Women came out and “Resisted” on the Ben Franklin Parkway today. WHYY estimated the crowd at 40,000. Felt like more when you watched a solid stream march up the Parkway for 30 minutes.
New estimate on crowd is 50,000.… Read the rest

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Chrissy Houlahan Editorial in Philadelphia Inquirer

Scale showing inequality between weight of male symbol and female symbol

Chrissy Houlahan, candidate for the House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional District, writes about her inspiration in the Inquirer on January 18th. Read the full article here. Inspired by the Women’s March – Philadelphia Inquirer – Philly Edition, 2018-01-18

Find info on her campaign.

Chrissy Houlahan for Congress



Chrissy Houlahan with her Daughters holding signs at the Women's March in Washington 2017

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