Chester County Democratic Leader Killed in Car Crash

With sadness we post the information that Adam Swope, leader of Willistown Democratic Committee, was killed on Saturday in a multi-car crash on 202 near West Chester. Adam was a leader in Chester County politics and will be missed by many.

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer article about him. Chesco Dems mourn activist – Philadelphia Inquirer – Philly Edition, 2017-11-13

Adam worked closely with our Chester County Commissioner, Kathi Cozzone.… Read the rest

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Election Results for November 7, 2017 General Election


A night of results that most still have trouble believing. 12 out of 12.

All 3 Supervisor Candidates Won.

All 4 School Board Candidates Won.

All 4 County Row Candidates Won.

Analisa Sondergaard was re-elected as Magisterial Justice.

You can check all vote totals for all Chester County Races at the Voter Services website. Click here. 

You can check state wide returns for judges.… Read the rest

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Vote on Tuesday, November 7

School Board, Township Supervisors, County Offices, and Judges. All will be decided tomorrow by you if you vote.

Registration numbers in Tredyffrin are basically even between Democrats and Republicans. 

Your vote will count.

So turnout is key to electing our outstanding candidates. We need your vote! But don’t stop there: get  your family, friends and neighbors out to vote as well.… Read the rest

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Yes Kyle Boyer Can and Will Serve on the School Board

Republican candidate Doug Anestad has sent out multiple mailers telling voters “Kyle Boyer can’t serve on the T/E School Board.”
 Whether misinformed or deliberately misinforming voters,  he is WRONG!
 Here is the official position of the T/E school district, as stated by the TESD solicitor, Ken Roos.

View Video.


FACT: Kyle Boyer is well-qualified  and able to serve as a school board director.Read the rest

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All your Tredyffrin Candidates in Brief

Here is a pdf file that you can read or distribute to friends and neighbors.

Tredyffrin Slate of Canidates for 2017



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