Fundraiser for Chrissy Houlahan-Candidate for the House of Representatives PA 6th Congressional District

January 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
538 Millbrook Rd
Devon, PA 19333
Elisabeth and Amer Sajed

Country over Politics

Humanity over Country

We are really pleased to start off the new year by introducing you to a wonderful candidate that we are supporting for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th district. Please come to meet Chrissy and make a financial gift to her campaign. All level of gifts welcome.

Chrissy and her race

Chrissy is a builder. With engineering degrees from Stanford and M.I.T., she served active duty with the Air Force. She then was one of the forces behind And1 (a successful footwear and apparel company that gave Nike a scare). Subsequently, she helped to launch B Lab (B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for goodTM). Her entire career she has fought for sustainability. At B Lab, she merged the concept of business and sustainability into one successful model. Then, as a 40-something, she returned to school to take science and education classes at Penn’s Graduate School and joined Teach for America, teaching chemistry in inner city Philadelphia. Finally, she helped to build Springboard Collaborative (an innovative model for combating the literacy achievement gap during summer recess.)

Chrissy is the real deal and supporting her makes imminent sense for all of us, not just those of us living in PA6.  We need to win back the House in 2018 – and Chrissy will help deliver that imperative.  We need a congress that is progressive and inclusive and puts all of us ahead of special interests.

By the way, when she wins, Chrissy will be the ONLY woman to represent Pennsylvania in Congress.

Because of all this, Chrissy is already being talked about a lot in national and local media (NYT, Bloomberg, WSJ, Boston Globe, NBC, Philadelphia Citizen).

Please come meet Chrissy at our house on January 23 at 7pm.  Please also forward this to your friends and family who might want to meet with her.  If you have not, please RSVP as well.