Gerrymandering Reform: We Need Your Help!

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Will you be in Tredyffrin on May 16th and ready to vote? If Not

Every_vote_counts_buttonDo you travel on business? Do you have vacation plans in May? Are you a caregiver who can be called away at a moment's notice? Work outside Tredyffrin and may not be home by 8PM? Elective Surgery in May? Physically not able to get to the poll?

Safeguard your right to vote. Apply for an absentee ballot.

Complete instructions along with an application form.

Petitions are over-36 Days to get people registered to vote

April 17 is last day to register to vote before the primary on May 16, 2017.

Recount Complete

The recounting of ballots will finish up this afternoon-Saturday. No one is needed for tonight, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Recount-Yes or No or Maybe

The recount in Chester County is on hold. The Republican Party has filed to stop the recount. If you had signed up to observe on Wednesday or Thursday, do not go to Voter Services. The Republican Party has filed to stop the recount. A Board of Election Hearing will be held Thursday 12/8 at 9:30 a.m. Everyone available should attend!! Let's drown them out with our voices and demand the recount. Location: 313 W Market st. 6th floor West Chester