Previously Leader of the Free World-Now Leader of Syria, Nicaragua, and the United States

So many things to say about President Trump dropping United States participation in the Paris Climate Accords. But you can read those on other pages. Suffice it to say “Elections have consequences.”

Now it is up to you to take action. Call our representatives and ask them, “What are you doing to uphold the principles from the Paris Accords

Tuesday with Toomey-Tell Senator Toomey the proposed healthcare bill Stinks

First the House of Representatives

Voted for the AHCA without waiting to know the cost or the damage it would cause.

Now we have the CBO score for the House Republican Health Plan.

  • 23 Million Americans to lose health insurance coverage
  • Over 800 billion in Medicaid cuts
  • Tax cuts for people earning more than $250000
  • Questionable coverage for pre-existing conditions

Get your Program Here-Sample Ballots Now Available

Be There Date

2 days to go. Mark your calendar. Create reminders.

Here is your sample ballot. You may bring this with you to the polls if you wish.   Here is your program with candidate info.   voteDemmeme

Mike Parrish PhoneBanking and Yard Signs

Mike Parrish needs your help.

Public Officials Must Stand up and Be Counted-Costello silence is deafening

Mike Parrish, candidate for the House of Representatives, has called on Ryan Costello to take a stand. Costello's silence when Donald Trump denigrates a Gold Star family should not be acceptable in our community.