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Here is your sample ballot. You may bring this with you to the polls if you wish.   Here is your program with candidate info.   voteDemmeme

Mike Parrish PhoneBanking and Yard Signs

Mike Parrish needs your help.

Public Officials Must Stand up and Be Counted-Costello silence is deafening

Mike Parrish, candidate for the House of Representatives, has called on Ryan Costello to take a stand. Costello's silence when Donald Trump denigrates a Gold Star family should not be acceptable in our community.

Blind Leading the Blind? Costello Backs Trump

Republican leaders from across the country have already stepped forward and denounced Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.  What about our Representative in Congress? parrish trump costello toomey banner

We need Veterans in Congress

18% of the House of Representatives are Veterans. We can increase that by electing Mike Parrish. See him tell his own story.