School Funding – Choices and Challenges on March 13

Topic for Monday March 13 – School Funding
7:30 – 9pm at the Tredyffrin Library

Last Chance to Sign Petitions and Meet Candidates

Petition signing

Hosts: Charles and Sandy Bennett

Where and When:      638 Hickory Lane, Berwyn
 noon – 3 PM
Saturday, March 4

2017 Local and County Elections

We’re Moving Forward It’s time to move beyond the disappointment and anger we feel over the outcome of November’s election. We need to keep that fire in the belly and start moving forward. And the place to start is right here at the local level. We need to do two things immediately: 1. We must […]

New School Board Members are Seated

On Monday, December 7, 5 newly elected school board Directors were sworn in and took their seats.

The Phantom of Tredyffrin Politics-Earned Income Tax

Several candidates in this election are claiming to have saved Tredyffrin residents from an EIT tax. This is a myth. No candidate in this election cycle or in 2013 or in 2011 proposed an EIT as part of their campaign. Neither the school board nor the board of supervisors have had an agenda item or a motion on the EIT. It is easy to lead the fight against a phantom issue. The following is the statement from the Democratic supervisor and school board candidates about the EIT. It was submitted to Main Line News for publication.