Action Alert on Education Funding- House Bill 1717

The following is an action alert from the Public Interest Law Center

Pennsylvania’s schools are deeply underfunded. As a result, children across this Commonwealth attend schools that lack the resources we know they deserve, and which our Constitution demands. And while these deprivations are widespread, they are particularly placed upon children of color, children in poverty, and the very children who need extra resources.… Read the rest

Pennsylvania House Forgets Lesson of 2005

10 years after the midnight pay raise, the PA. House decides that the rules which made the money grab possible should be reinstated.

Improved Roads and Bridges near Tredyffrin

The opening ceremony for Sullivan's Bridge in Valley Forge. Part of the project to replace the 422 bridges at Valley Forge. Representative Warren Kampf stated that he could not take credit for the project. He was too modest. He voted against the funding for the project twice.

Meet your Chester County Candidates

Tredyffrin will be electing a state senator and a state representative this year.

Andy Dinniman State Senate

Hans van Mol State House

DinnimanHeadshot2016march Hans van Mol portrait high res

Minimum Wage-20 States Increased Their Minimum Wage January 1

Pennsylvania Could Benefit A Million Workers by Following Suit in 2015