Fall Fundraiser-The Final Lap of 2017 Campaigns

Our local candidates are heading into the FINAL LAP of the 2017 cycle. It’s time to “punch the throttle” and bring home the checkered flag for Tredyffrin Democrats! Help us raise the funds to make this win happen, and enjoy an outstanding dinner and program.

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Mark your Calendar for October 15

2 Big Local Events on October 15

Fast and Furious Postcard Event

Addresses the messes of the day

1-4 at Tredyffrin Library

Come out and express yourself

The Final Lap Fall Fundraiser from 5-7

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A Citizen’s Perspective: Wage Theft

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Event Updates

Upcoming Events
  • Eclipse
  • Senator Coons Event on 16 August Temporarily Postponed
  • Costello Town Hall in Lebanon County
  • Gun Buyback Fundraiser

August Citizen’s Forum-Selection of Judges

Judges are important. Think Supreme Court. Think about yourself or your child in court for traffic violations.

Today there is legislation in Harrisburg that proposes to use merit selection for all state-wide judges. The argument is that merit selection is the judicial selection system that best ensures that qualified individuals will reach the bench without the problematic influence of money on the selection process.… Read the rest