Previously Leader of the Free World-Now Leader of Syria, Nicaragua, and the United States

So many things to say about President Trump dropping United States participation in the Paris Climate Accords. But you can read those on other pages. Suffice it to say “Elections have consequences.”

Now it is up to you to take action. Call our representatives and ask them, “What are you doing to uphold the principles from the Paris Accords and stop our government from abandoning the remainder of the world?Read the rest

Last News about the Election for Chester County

Carolyn Comitta Won


Green Party Recount Affirms the Quality of Chester County Elections

Recount Complete

The recounting of ballots will finish up this afternoon-Saturday. No one is needed for tonight, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Recount is ON For Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

This morning-Thursday, 8 December- the Chester County Elections Board approved the election recount in Chester County, precinct by precinct, starting this afternoon at 2:30.
143 precincts. Over 190000 ballots.
This is a last-minute request for help since a notice was sent out on Tuesday cancelling the Election Recount Monitoring, pending a decision by the Election Board.

People are needed on Saturday and Sunday to help observe.

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Keep America Great

Be There Date UPDATE: Daylin's Resistance Forum is scheduled!!