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Absentee Ballots-Talk to your College Age Kids and Neighbors-Apply Now

November 7 will be here in 90 days. Now is the time to apply for an absentee ballots. Now is when we make a statement against President Trump and policies which hurt our citizens. This year we elect Township Supervisors, School Board Directors, Judges for several different Pennsylvania courts, and 4 Chester County offices-Treasurer, Clerk of Courts, Controller, and

August Citizen’s Forum-Selection of Judges

Judges are important. Think Supreme Court. Think about yourself or your child in court for traffic violations.

Today there is legislation in Harrisburg that proposes to use merit selection for all state-wide judges. The argument is that merit selection is the judicial selection system that best ensures that qualified individuals will reach the bench without the problematic influence of money …

Meet Senator Chris Coons and help Pat Maisano, Candidate for Chester County Treasurer


Buy tickets by clicking on this link.


Full info by clicking this link.

Gaining Perspective on Guns in Chester County

We have more in common than what divides us.
People who are “not gun people” often have a hard time understanding why others
participate in gun sports. This is an opportunity to learn more about those activities and
why others enjoy them. We will also explore the diverse views within the gun sports
community on gun violence prevention and gun …

Summer Picnic Hot and Fun

It was a great turnout for burgers, hot dogs, and summer salads on Wednesday Evening in Wilson Farm Park. An enjoyable evening talking to friends, meeting new folks, and shaking hands with candidates. Enjoy the pictures.


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