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Need a ride to the polls November 6?

Not sure how you'll be getting to the polls November 6? The good news is, there are several ways to get a ride.

Info on all Candidates for 2018-Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th

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Governor Tom Wolf

Running for re-election, Tom has battled a Republican majority in both the PA House and Senate for adequate funding for education, social services, infrastructure and fair elections. He fully restored the $1 billion cut to education made under the Corbett administration. He was at the forefront in the battle to secure a fair congressional map for Pennsylvania and will fight to end gerrymandering.… Read the rest

Meet Melissa Shusterman-Candidate for Common Sense in Harrisburg


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Join Fellow Democrats and Meet Senator Casey on October 14

Exciting news everyone! Get ready to meet our US Senator, Bob Casey.

Please join us on Oct. 14, 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Milestone Events in West Chester (600 E. Market Street) for an evening of good fun, good food and good friends.  Our purpose is simple.  Dedicate an evening among friends with good fun and food to strengthen our resolve and commitment to do everything we can to help our great Chester County candidates win on November 6.

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One Week-Registration Deadline is one week away on October 9

Go to votespa.com now and check your registration. Ask your new neighbors whether they have completed registering. If you are not registered, you cannot vote. You lose the right/privilege of complaining about our government.


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