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Frustrated? Fedup? Want to Scream? Tell your Elected Officials

Fast and Furious Postcard Event

Addresses the messes of the day

1-4 at Tredyffrin Library on October 15

Congress let Child Healthcare program expire. Tell Representative Costello to reauthorize it.

Think now is the time for gun control measures. Write Casey and Toomey.

Believe that Puerto Rico is a real catastrophe. Write President Trump.

Gerrymandering got you upset. Write all your Congress People.… Read the rest

Registration and Absentee Ballots-Apply Now-Registration Deadline is One Week Away

November 7 will be here in 34 days. The last day to register to vote for November 7 is October 10th. One week away. The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is October 31, but the last practical date is around October 24th. Now is the time to make a plan to vote. Now is the time to check your calendar and see if you might need to vote absentee.… Read the rest

2017 Judicial Candidates

Download a one-page flyer with all 8 statewide judicial candidates (not including the 2 up for retention) here: Statewide Judicial Candidates one page Color









PA Supreme Court 

Why is PA Supreme Court important?

  • Makes final interpretations of the Pennsylvania Constitution and all state laws.
  • Issues headed their way: reapportionment, voting rights, worker’s rights, choice, environment, civil rights (gender equality, clean air and pure water, freedom from religious persecution, a free and open press, and protections against warrantless searches, due process violations, and cruel punishments).
Read the rest

Action Alert on Education Funding- House Bill 1717

The following is an action alert from the Public Interest Law Center

Pennsylvania’s schools are deeply underfunded. As a result, children across this Commonwealth attend schools that lack the resources we know they deserve, and which our Constitution demands. And while these deprivations are widespread, they are particularly placed upon children of color, children in poverty, and the very children who need extra resources.… Read the rest

Event Updates

Upcoming Events
  • Eclipse
  • Senator Coons Event on 16 August Temporarily Postponed
  • Costello Town Hall in Lebanon County
  • Gun Buyback Fundraiser