alan Y cropped 1Alan Yockey for T/E School Board Director, Region 2

Alan is a recently retired IT consultant and 20-year resident of Paoli. He is married to Jayne Yockey with 2 children. Their son, Bruce, is a Conestoga graduate.

Alan is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Mathematics. He spent 2 years teaching middle school and serving his country as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gambia. After returning to the US, Alan worked for 35 years as a programmer, analyst, and manager in IT for various local companies. During that time Alan’s wife, Jayne, worked with local governments including school districts for the Vanguard Group. For recreation Alan and Jayne can be found riding or walking on the Chester Valley Trail.


Alan is running for School Board to maintain the highest quality of education in our schools. If elected, he will:

  • Work with the state government to reform the pension system which is damaging our school budgets.
  • Revise the school board electoral districts so voters in Region 2 have equal representation as voters in Regions 1 and 3.
  • Maintain arts, music, and other programs to enrich students now and throughout their lives.
  • Stand up for transparency and openness in board decisions. Consent decree items must be minimal in scope. All items must appear on the agenda with a clear description. Cost estimates must have source references and backup materials. Estimates must be identified and have minimum and maximum amounts quantified.

For more information on Alan’s priorities, click here.

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Contributions to Alan’s campaign may be made online or checks may be made out to:

Friends of T/E Schools
309 Irish Rd.
Berwyn, PA 19312