Hate Crimes is December Citizen’s Perspective Topic

Meme titled "Take on Hate"Three nationally publicized hate crimes in one week:

  • Pipe bombs sent to 14 key Democrats and their prominent supporters
  • Two African-Americans murdered near Louisville … after the suspect was unable to get into a predominantly African-American church
  • 11 Jews murdered, and 6 people injured at a Pittsburgh synagogue

Hate crimes have increased for the last 4 years in the 10 largest US cities…even as the overall crime rates have decreased. We are seeing an increase in bigotry in society that is more frequently mainstreamed and more publicly manifest.

Please join us as we discuss the evils of hate, how it is being unleashed on society and what can and should be done.

Monday December 10 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Hate Crimes Citizen forum for December