Lead Poisoning-Forum Topic for January 2019

A Citizen’s Perspective 2019 @ Tredyffrin Library
January 14 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

We are starting the third year of ‘A Citizen’s Perspective’ with a never-ending list
of potential topics of for future sessions. On Monday January 14, we will take a
hard look at one topic that should be of interest to all of us:

Lead Poisoning

The water system in Flint Michigan is no
longer making front page news. However,
many people in Flint are still forced to drink bottled water.
And unfortunately, Flint is not alone…
Flint is probably not even the worst of the lead poisoning problems that we have across the country. Lead in the water from improper or inadequate treatment; lead in the home from inadequate remediation of lead paint; lead in the schools from both the water and lead paint; lead in the air and the ground from leaded gasoline and lead industrial sources; etc.
Please join us as we discuss the problems of lead poisoning, how it is being inadequately dealt with across the country and what can and should be done.