Turnout Fantastic

Over 70% Turnout across Tredyffrin approaching levels in Presidential Years

Governor Wolf  and Senator Casey


Melissa Shusterman

Wins the 157th over Warren Kampf

Mark Freed

Re-elected to Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors

Chrissy Houlahan Head and Shoulders wearing a large bead necklace smiling

Chrissy Houlahan

Elected to the House of Representatives

Danielle Friel Otten, Christine

Sappey, Kristine Howard, Dan Williams,  and Carolyn Comitta

Elected to Pennsylvania General Assembly

Tim Kearney and Katie Muth

Elected to Pennsylvania Senate

Statement from Kathleen Keohane, Chair of Tredyffrin Township  Democratic Committee

Hi hard-working Dems,

 I hope everyone is taking it a little easier today and basking in the glow of a job well done.  We pulled out all stops in this election , were helped by canvassers with the Coordinated Campaign and other groups, the mood of the country  and the desire for change.
But look at the numbers from Tredyffrin! We averaged  70% turnout, and 38% of the voters voted a straight Democratic ticket! (as opposed to 22% of the Republicans). Melissa cleaned up in Tredyffrin – against a four-term incumbent who spent big and threw mud at his opponent. She won with a 1,775 vote margin in Tredyffrin. Her almost two-year long campaign that involved knocking 25,000 doors, raising over a half-million dollars and attracting an army of loyal volunteers was a model in how to run a successful campaign.
Melissa Shusterman: 17,603 – 56.5%
Warren Kampf – 13,543 – 43.5%
A thirteen point victory against an entrenched incumbent . How ‘bout them apples?
Mark Freed will become the fourth Democrat on a seven-member Board of Supervisors. A first in the history of this township.  This call for a victory dance!
Chrissy Houlahan ran a great campaign and won big. She is going to make us proud as our member of Congress.
In Tredyffrin, she beat the pants off Greg McCauly – 10,287 to a paltry 5605 – winning  over 65% of our voters. County-wide Chrissy won by 18 points – 138,828 to 96,754. (Who are those 94, 754 people?)
It is very satisfying when your efforts have paid off.  Let’s agree that we will take full advantage of these victories and let no grass grow on our efforts to effect positive change at the local, state and federal level.
Let’s plan to celebrate these victories!  Details to follow.

Statement from Dick Bingham, Chair of Chester County Democratic Committee

I have had many people say to me: “Congratulations.”  I say thank you but then I say the ones who truly deserve the congratulations are the great candidates who stepped up to lead the way and the army of dedicated, committed volunteers, including all of you, who helped make the success we experienced last night possible.  We (CCDC) have a great team.  I am proud to be a part of that team and I am proud to be working with all of you.

The success we achieved last night makes me hungry for more.  It makes me want to work even harder.  We have not worked this hard, we have not come this far, to stop now.  Please take a few days to soak in the moment.  But then let’s rededicate ourselves to the advancement of the Democratic values we all share.
Thank you for everything you did over the last several months.  Please also thank, on my behalf, the hundreds of volunteers who worked with you.  It is up to us now to keep them involved so that we can all collectively plan and execute our next steps in our new, blue, county.
All the best to each and every one of you,