Do Not be Misled-Warren Kampf is not a moderate

Vote for Melissa Shusterman on November 6th-She is a moderate who will protect Pennsylvanians

Warren’s Rating on the Environment

Conservation Voters of PA, PennEnvironment, Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter, and Clean Water Action have released their 2017-2018 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard, which scores each member of the State Senate and House of Representatives based on their votes on the most crucial environmental legislation that came before the General Assembly this session. Warren Kampf was rated 27/100 lifetime score. League of Conservation Voters 2017-2018 Scorecard FINAL

Warren’s Rating on Women’s Healthcare and Rights

After a zero score for several years Warren Kampf was rated 20/100 by Planned Parenthood on their 2017 Legislative Scorecard. See the rankings.

Warren’s Vote on the Transportation Bill-Bringing Improvements to Tredyffrin and his Home District

Act 89 of 2013 was the transportation bill that will be used to fund bridge repair, public transit like the Paoli Train Station, and many other improvements(Bridge on Route 422, bridge on Old Lancaster near Berwyn Fire Company). Before it became Act 89 it was HB1060 and was voted on by the Pa house on 21 November 2013.  Warren Kampf voted against this Act. Even when given a second chance to support the Act, he doubled down and voted “Nay” again. Info on roll call vote. Info on Vote.

Warren’s Support for an unconstitutional Attempt to disenfranchise Pennsylvania Voters-Voter ID Law

HB 934 – Amends Voter Identification Laws

Warren Kampf voted for the Pennsylvania Voter ID law which threatened to disenfranchise thousands of Pennsylvania voters. This was eventually ruled to be unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Warren on Gun Safety

Logo of Moms Demand Action
Warren was a Co-sponsor of HB1243 which allowed the NRA to bring civil suits against local governments which dared to pass local gun safety regulations.

Melissa Shusterman has been endorsed by Moms Demand Action for her stand on banning assault weapons and other gun safety measures.


Payday Loans

House Bill 2191 will undo Pennsylvania’s strong consumer protection laws which curb high-cost lending, opening the door to payday loans that will carry annual interest rates as high as 369 percent. Payday loans are typically marketed as a quick financial fix, but data show that long-term high-cost debt is used for routine recurring expenditures, such as for rent and utilites.

Warren Kampf voted yes on HB 2191 which would allow predatory loan companies to prey on low income Pennsylvanians.


House Leadership

As long as the Republicans have a majority in the House, Turzai and Metcalfe will continue to set the legislative agenda.

Metcalfe scuttled gerrymander reform recently.

From the Morning Call Newspaper

Metcalfe kept redistricting House Bill 722 bottled up in his committee, even though it had broad bipartisan support. When a discharge petition surfaced to force the bill out of committee and try to get it to the House floor for an actual vote, Metcalfe announced a hearing for the next morning, without divulging the topic.

There he unveiled his own gutted version of the bill, which kept politicians firmly in control of redistricting and gave the majority party even greater power. It passed on straight party lines.

Warren is not moderate and his election keeps Republicans in control of Harrisburg.

Elect Melissa Shusterman to represent the 157th.

Melissa Shusterman, the Common Sense Candidate