Tragedy in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — Armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle and at least three handguns, a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning, killing at least 11 congregants and wounding four police officers and two others, the authorities said.


That is the lead paragraph from the New York Times. “Armed with an AR-15”?  Why does our society, our government allow this? Why do we? The President’s solution? “An armed guard”. Would that have helped in Las Vegas? Did it help in Parkland?

Something needs to be done. “Sending prayers” is not enough. In this case we have something we can do immediately. We can vote. We can vote for candidates who will do something about gun safety. Vote for candidates who support common sense regulations on assault style weapons and large capacity magazines. Vote for candidates who will buck the NRA.  Pray for the victims, but vote to make a difference in the future.

Then join a group advocating for sensible gun policies and keep the pressure on the candidates to fulfill the promises made in the campaign.

Protesters with "Gun reform now" banner

Gun Reform