Deadline Approaching to Get an Absentee Ballot

Do It Now.

Deadline for an Absentee Ballot Application is October 30th. But in real life next week is the deadline. Completing the process to have your ballot returned before the deadline becomes doubtful after that.

If you have applied, Voter Services has been mailing ballots since the 1st of October. Unless you sent in your application this week, you should have your ballot. Call Voter Services (610) 344-6410 to check the status of your absentee ballot.

So now is the time to check your schedule. Check with family members. College Students. If anyone needs an absentee application, download it here. Ballots may be sent to wherever people are living.

TTdems General 2018 absentee ballot Application

If you need info on candidates to complete your ballot, see sample ballot below.