Milestone Achieved: PA. House Passes Protective Measure for Domestic Abuse Victims

On September 26, 2018 the PA House passed H.B. 2060.

H.B. 2060 passed the House  131-62. Every member of the House from Chester County voted in the affirmative.

Why would 62 members vote against saving lives of Pennsylvania citizens?

H.B. 2060 is Legislation designed to strengthen the Protection from Abuse (PFA) Act by requiring people under a restraining order or convicted of domestic abuse to surrender guns and ammunition to law enforcement.

Here is the press release from the Democratic members of the PA House:  Click here


Meanwhile Carolyn Comitta from West Chester is introducing more gun control legislation. This is in response to the June 2017 road-rage killing of Bayard Rustin High School graduate Bianca Roberson.

Click here for her statement.