Pennsylvania House Republicans Protect Guns not People

Earlier this year the Senate passed sensible gun control legislation(SB501).

Republicans in suburban Philadelphia wanted it to become law. So did every single member of Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled state Senate from both parties. So did Democrat Gov. Wolf, advocates trying to keep domestic-violence victims alive, and just about anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together.

It was a GOP-backed bill that would order all alleged domestic abusers to give up their guns after being slapped with a protection-from-abuse order(PFA).

This bill would no longer allow alleged abusers to give up their guns to friends or family members after being hit with a final PFA order. The new law also would make it mandatory — and not up to a judge, as the law currently allows — for a PFA defendant’s guns to be taken away.

If you’re separately convicted in criminal court of misdemeanor domestic violence, The bill no longer gives you 60 days to turn in your guns. You get 48 hours.

Seems sensible. Statistics show the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that the woman will be killed. But the Republican led House in Harrisburg let the bill die. Just like more domestic abuse victims will. No votes were counted.

Call Representative Warren Kampf and ask him to buck the Republican Party on this issue. Vote to protect Pennsylvanians.  Tell his office you want this bill to have a vote. Pennsylvanians deserve to know who will protect us and who will protect guns.

His office in Paoli
Ph: 610 251-2876
Fx: 610-640-2357