Voter Turnout is Key to Winning in November-Help Reach Voters


Announcing our 2018 GOTV Fund Drive

What can you buy for a dollar these days?

A gallon of gas? No.  A Tastykake? No.

How about getting out the vote in your neighborhood? Yes!

The Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) is launching a major Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign for the upcoming November 6 Midterms.  You can help, no matter how small the donation.  For every $1 you donate, we will reach ten households!

A major component of the campaign will be a door hanger we will deliver to every Democratic and Independent voter in Chester County.  The door hanger will inform voters about all of the Democratic candidates that will be on their ballot.

The door hangers will be customized for each legislative district in the county.

They will also tell voters where they can obtain additional information for each candidate and include a reminder about the November 6 Election.

Imagine how powerful a $100 donation will be! We can purchase 1000 door hangers. Help us drive voter turnout on November 6.  Do the math and kindly donate $25, $50, $100 (or any amount you can) today.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Tuesday, July 31.  In just two weeks of fundraising, we could reach 100,000 doors or about 150,000 voters!

You can donate online by clicking HERE or send us a check made out to Chester County Democratic Committee, noting GOTV Fund Drive, and mailed to CCDC, 37 S. High St.  West Chester, PA  19382.

The Blue Wave is coming to Chester County. Together we can elect much-needed Democrats in both Harrisburg and in Washington. Thank you so much for your support.