Support State Bills to Fight Gerrymandering!

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Anti-gerrymandering legislation is finally making some progress in Pennsylvania! While the bills working their way through the legislature don’t completely remove the influence of legislators, if passed as amendments to the state constitution they would be a huge step forward for fair and transparent districting in the Commonwealth. Below are two calls to action from Fair Districts PA, group that has working intensively on the issue of redistricting reform.

Call to Action From Fair Districts PA

This is a critical time for redistricting reform. On May 22, PA Senate Bill 22 was amended and voted unanimously out of committee. While the amended version allows legislators some involvement, I and our leadership team believe the bill retains the vision of an independent citizens commission, while adding safeguards for process and product.
Early next week, SB 22 will get a vote on the Senate floor, and then moves to the House. Meanwhile, House Bill 722 has been reintroduced as HB 2402, and Majority Leader Dave Reed will soon be introducing his own bill.
There’s still time to pass a bill this session – but only if we fight for it. Our voices matter now more than ever.

Will you take a few minutes to write and call your legislators in Harrisburg? Urge your senator to vote YES on SB 22. Then ask your representative to sign on to HB 2402 and to contact Speaker Turzai to make sure both bills (SB 22 and HB 2402) are given a fair hearing in the House. Click here to start writing your legislators. Our letter campaign tool makes it quick and easy. Once you’ve sent the letters, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a short call script and your legislators’ phone numbers.

Will you also take a second to write and call Speaker Turzai? More than anyone, he has the power to ensure redistricting reform bills get the fair hearing they deserve in the House. Click here to start writing Speaker Turzai.. Once you’ve sent the letter, the confirmation page will provide a script and phone number.
Democracy is a contact sport. We have to contact our legislators to win.