Sensible Gun Control from Pennsylvania Legislature?

From the Inquirer this morning:

The state Senate voted unanimously to tighten gun regulation in cases of domestic abuse and for those slapped with protection-from-abuse orders.

That’s right. Gun regulation. In Pennsylvania.

The measure (SB 501), sponsored by state Sen. Tom Killion (R., Chester), requires those convicted of domestic abuse to relinquish firearms within 48 hours to law enforcement, their lawyer, or a licensed gun dealer.

Current law (both laughable and dangerous) gives such convicts 60 days to hand off guns to a pal, relative, or neighbor. So, changing this and similarly restricting guns for subjects of protection orders is promising.

Presence of guns makes it 5 times as likely that domestic arguments become violentNow the bill goes to the House where it needs lots of help. Call Warren Kampf and ask him to vote for this bill and to make sure it is introduced for a vote. Passing this would be a milestone in Pennsylvania.

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