Support HR1478 Gun Violence Research Act

Of all the absurdities in our gun debate, the most absurd is that the CDC has been prevented by the Dickey Amendment  and by Congressional budgeting to study or collect statistics about gun violence/usage in the USA. Now there is an effort to change that and we should support it.

Our Congress person, Ryan Costello, is a co-sponsor on HR1478. His recent newsletter stated,

“Just allowing the CDC the ability to engage in expert studies, to aggregate data, to find trends, to look at this I think is extremely important. I think it’s commonsense. I think it is not only bipartisan, I think it’s nonpartisan. And I would like to approach this trying to not have it be viewed through the political lens” –Rep. Ryan Costello


Please call his office and sound your support. The quickest way to send support is email. You will need your 9 digit zip code. Go to:

Or call or fax to one of his offices


326 Cannon House Office Building
WashingtonDC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4315


21 West Market Street, Suite 105
West ChesterPA 19382
Phone: (610) 696-2982
Fax: (610) 696-2985


840 North Park Road
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Phone: (610) 376-7630
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