Citizen Forum For February-How We Can Re-Invigorate Our Democracy

Our Political System is FAILING America: How We Can Re-Invigorate Our Democracy

Our Political System Is Failing America

Every day we see fresh evidence of the political system failing us: we are sharply divided with a deep distrust of government; it is politics and partisanship over policy; there is an inability to address our serious challenges; … etc.

Yet, this is not new. It is a problem that has been growing for several decades. Its time we face up to it and figure out what we can do to get our political system working for us again. But we shouldn’t kid ourselves, it is not a simple problem and there are no easy or fast fixes. But there are few more important issues that we should be addressing.

Please join us as we take a hard look at our political system and how we can get it back to working for us.

Monday February 12, 7:30pm at the Tredyffrin Library.

Please see the attached flyer for more details. And feel free to share it broadly … everyone is welcome.