Tredyffrin Resident Yolanda Van de Krol -Candidate for Chester County Clerk of Courts

Yolanda has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry as a Vice President advising small and medium-sized business owners on ways to improve their cash flow and grow their businesses. Her positions required strong interpersonal and organizational skills, tenacity and attention to detail. She also consistently achieved goals, worked within budgets, negotiated with outside firms and met deadlines. She served on the Tredyffrin Township Libraries Board from 2006 to 2012, four as President, gaining valuable experience in working on budget and other issues at the local government level. Her township board experience led her to run for Tredyffrin Township Supervisor in 2015, acquiring important knowledge on running a campaign, and also reinforcing that every vote counts after a narrow 27-vote loss. She has an undergraduate degree from Hamilton College and a graduate degree from the University of Delaware. She is running for this position to ensure that every constituent receives the highest level of service from the Chester County Clerk of Courts office.

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Duties of the Clerk of Court

  • Maintain custody of all court records
  • Support and attend each court session
  • Provide a repository for all trial exhibits
  • Collect & disburse fines, costs, and fees
  • Collect fees on summary appeal cases
  • Provide open access to public court records
  • Prepare motor vehicle forms for PennDOT
  • Filing of road dockets
  • Report statistical & financial data
  • Docket all criminal records filed
  • Maintain constable bonds
  • Private detective licensing
  • Administer Oaths
  • Assemble Juries
  • Posting  Bail