Tuesday with Toomey-Tell Senator Toomey the proposed healthcare bill Stinks

First the House of Representatives

Voted for the AHCA without waiting to know the cost or the damage it would cause.

Now we have the CBO score for the House Republican Health Plan.

  • 23 Million Americans to lose health insurance coverage
  • Over 800 billion in Medicaid cuts
  • Tax cuts for people earning more than $250000
  • Questionable coverage for pre-existing conditions

Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy are proud to bring you the wonders of the AHCA

Then The Senate

Will modify the AHCA to make it “better”. Would you trust the health of your family and your Chester County neighbors to this group? Are we missing representation/viewpoints from any segments of the United States population?

Now Citizens and Voters

Write to Senator Toomey, Senator Casey and Representative Ryan.

Plan to join fellow citizens at Tuesday with Toomey. 12 noon. 2nd and Chestnut in Philadelphia. Bring letters-no envelopes- to be delivered to Senator Toomey about your experience with the ACA and how the AHCA will harm you or someone you know. The greater the turnout, the greater the impact.