Pennsylvania House Forgets Lesson of 2005

10 years after the midnight pay raise, the PA. House decides that the rules which made the money grab possible should be reinstated. Read about the rules change here. Read Representative Mike Vitali editorial here. Then call or contact Representative Warren Kampf and ask him to help change this back. Even with social media can citizens or lawmakers create a campaign for or against a bill in 6 hours? 2 business days seem like a minimum time to allow between publication and a vote.

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Do you remember?

In the early morning hours of July 7, 2005, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed pay increases for state lawmakers, judges, and top executive-branch officials. The vote took place at 2 am without public review or commentary and Governor Ed Rendell signed the bill into law. The raise increased legislators’ base pay from 16% to 34% depending on position.
The pay raise included a provision allowing legislators to take their raises immediately in the form of “unvouchered expenses.” This provision was included due to the Pennsylvania Constitution’s clause prohibiting legislators from taking salary increases in the same term as which they are passed.