Last News about the Election for Chester County

Carolyn Comitta Won

Read about the narrow victory-25 votes out of 36,000-won by Carolyn to represent the West Chester Area. Her opponent, Dan Truitt, asked for a recount and it has been completed. The margin was 25 before the recount and the recount affirmed that margin of victory. She will take her seat in January. Our job in Chester County will be to find and elect another Democrat to join her in 2018. The Republicans still hold a 40 seat advantage in Harrisburg.

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Green Party Recount Affirms the Quality of Chester County Elections

Optical Scanners Used by Chester County Voters

Optical Scanners Used by Chester County Voters

After 2 very long days of recounting over 190,000 ballots, the change in vote totals was tiny. Trump lost 33 and Hillary lost 12 votes out of 190,000 ballots counted. .010%

Both the recount and the Comitta race show that your vote is counted and it matters.

Tredyffin’s Margaret van Naerssen was in West Chester to observe both recounts. We should thank her for her efforts to insure a fair election.