Free Speech Defended-Mike Parrish to speak from Courthouse steps in West Chester

Wednesday, 12 Noon. West Chester.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Mike Parrish to Make Announcement Regarding
Costello’s False Allegations, Condemn Costello Campaign’s Strategy to
Suppress Free Speech

See full announcement.

If you did not make the press conference. Here are Colonel Parrish’s responses.

Parrish has posted a statement about the charges Representative Costello has been throwing around.

Recent television ads and mass mailings, paid for and approved by my opponent, have alleged impropriety in my financial and legal affairs.  Founded on spurious factoids, these attack ads are a disingenuous attempt to deceive the voters of the 6th Congressional District.  He is desperate to distract from his weak record on the issues that matter to the voters of the Sixth District, including protecting our environment and social security, advocating for our veterans, implementing common-sense gun safety reforms and standing up to special interests.


See Parrish statement.