Who is Pat Toomey

From a local voter concerning our Senator. At least on Trump he is not flipflopping.
Who is the real Pat Toomey?

To the Editor:

There’s so much for a voter to sort out this election season! To start with, what do the candidates really stand for? We want them to give thoughtful consideration to the issues before taking a position. Voters deserve no less.

But somehow the long-standing unwillingness of Pat Toomey to decide where he stands on Donald Trump doesn’t qualify as thoughtful study of the issue. Instead it looks like pure political calculation on how such a stance will affect the Senator’s career. Endorse Trump and he risks the ire of voters who are appalled by a presidential candidate so temperamentally volatile, alarmingly unprepared for the serious duties of the presidency – and called by GOP security officials a man who would be “the most reckless President in American history.”

But if the Senator says, no, I don’t endorse Trump, Toomey may alienate the base of Trump supporters he needs for reelection.

Instead Toomey says he remains “in a mode of waiting to be persuaded.” What will it take to persuade him? What will it take to bring him to a public moment of truth with Pennsylvania voters?

This isn’t the first time the real Pat Toomey has proven elusive. While claiming “Safety has to come first,” he voted NO on banning high-capacity gun magazines of over 10 bullets. YES on shortening the waiting period for background checks at gun shows, from three days to one. Though he’s made attempts at gun control legislation in the past few years, the fact is, Toomey scores an A rating from the NRA based on his voting record and policies.

How do voters know who they’re voting for? Is it what the candidates say – or what they actually do?

Somewhere there’s a real Pat Toomey. Don’t voters have a right to know who he is before casting a ballot?

E. A. Bonner


So vote for Katie Mcginty, Tredyffrin Resident and Democratic candidate

Katie McGinty for US Senate

Katie McGinty for US Senate