McGinty Stands Firm-Toomey FlipFlops


Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) said Wednesday he will oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade deal pending with Pacific Rim nations, marking a stark reversal for a free-market conservative facing a difficult reelection.

Katie McGinty for US Senate

Katie McGinty for US Senate

Toomey last year sang the praises of the potential deal, saying it would expand markets for Pennsylvania goods, create jobs and give the U.S. more influence over the economy in a region where China is flexing its muscles. In May 2015 he voted in favor of so-called “fast-track authority” for President Obama, a measure seen as crucial to helping the administration seal the pact.

“Pat Toomey has spent his entire career pushing bad trade deals and policies that ship Americans jobs overseas, so nobody is buying this ridiculous flip flop,” McGinty said in a statement.


Gun Control

After Orlando Shooting

Toomey said on the Senate floor that he had been speaking with senators in both parties about finding middle ground between two proposals for preventing those on federal terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns.

But when the bill came up for a vote.

Senator Pat Toomey voting against a bill to ban firearm sales to people on the terror watchlist. 


Senate Vote on Terror List and Guns

Katie McGinty supports expanded background checks and a ban on sales to people on the terror watchlist.