Minimum Wage-20 States Increased Their Minimum Wage January 1

Pennsylvania Could Benefit A Million Workers by Following Suit in 2015

Pennsylvania’s minimum wage will not rise, remaining $7.25, the same as the federal minimum wage, because the General Assembly in the just-completed legislative session did not act on any of several proposals to increase the state minimum wage. Congress has not acted to raise the minimum wage. Rank-and-file members of Congress now receive an annual salary of $174,000. The Pennsylvania Assembly has also failed to act. The base salary for legislators in both houses of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly is $78,314 a year, fourth highest in the nation. 7.25 per hour is just over 14,500 per year. Could your family survive on this?


Prospects for a minimum-wage increase could improve in 2015 because Gov.-elect Tom Wolf endorsed an increase to $10.10 per hour during his campaign. Keystone Research Center estimates such an increase would lift wages for about a million Pennsylvania workers, the vast majority of them adults 20 and over, two-thirds of them women, and with much of the benefits going to low-income families. The Gov.-elect also favors indexing the minimum-wage to inflation so that each year the minimum is automatically increased to account for rising prices.

Increasing the minimum wage has worked in 20 states. It could benefit a million Pennsylvanians. Please consider talking to our elected officials asking for action in 2015.

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