Call your legislators – reproductive healthcare coverage in danger for many PA women!

Three bills are currently speeding through the Pa. legislature which have no other purpose than to harm women.

They are Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 742 and House Bill 818. All prohibit private insurance
companies from covering abortion services in the new Health Exchanges!

Currently about 80% of private insurance policies offer abortion coverage.

The prohibition is being touted as saving taxpayer money. Really? How many taxpayer dollars have been
spent trying to restrict reproductive healthcare in Pa.?

Please contact state Rep. Warren Kampf and state Senator Andy Dinniman today! Tell them you oppose these bills AND urge their support for the Health Amendment to the Abortion Exchange Ban Bill .

Here is the amendment language to be added to SB 3:

Health Amendment to Pennsylvania Abortion Exchange Ban (SB 3)

THIS AMENDMENT permits private insurance plans available through state health exchanges to
cover abortion in the case of rape or incest that have been personally reported by the victim,
or the impending death of the woman. A health exception is needed to protect women for whom
a continuation of the pregnancy poses a serious threat to their health.


Other states that have passed bans that make an exception for the health of the woman. e.g.Arizona,
Indiana, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin

State specific polling of Pennsylvanians by Susquehanna Polling shows strong support for protecting
women in these cases:
84% of Pennsylvanians support coverage to save the life of the pregnant woman
79% support private insurance coverage for abortions to protect the health of the woman
77% support coverage in cases of rape or incest