Sign a petition to stop voter suppression!

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering legislation that would create obstacles for citizens trying to exercise their right to vote, making it impossible for some to make their voices heard.

In June, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 934 (HB 934) almost entirely along party lines, sending it to the Senate for action. The bill requires valid state or federal photo ID from all Pennsylvanians at all elections before they are permitted to vote. HB 934 is an expensive voter suppression bill that would make it harder for older citizens, young adults, people with disabilities, racial minorities, and lower-income people to vote.

That’s why Marian Schneider, a local attorney, created a petition to The Pennsylvania State Senate, which says:

“Oppose House Bill 934 because it is unnecessary, it is a waste of taxpayer funds, and it will deprive citizens of their right to vote.”

The petition is sponsored by the Protect Our Vote Coalition, Advancement Project and PA Voice. They have over 17,000 signatures but are aiming for 20,000 – please sign the petition!


For more information, contact

Marian K. Schneider
295 E. Swedesford Road, #348
Wayne, PA 19087
Tel. 610-644-1925
Fax. 610-722-0581

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