Tory Snyder’s Record of Volunteering for Tredyffrin, Record of Voting

In literature to voters, District 1 supervisor Paul Olson is questioning Democratic candidate Victoria “Tory” Snyder’s citizenship, saying she has poor attendance on election days. This is an old chestnut method of attack by Mr. Olson, and an attempt to obscure Tory Snyder’s long record of volunteer committee work for Tredyffrin.

Tory Snyder’s Record of Volunteering

The language of Mr. Olson’s attack questions whether Tory Snyder will “be there for Tredyffrin.” The truth, during the past decade, Tory Snyder already has a long record of showing up for Tredyffrin.

Tory is a professional land planner who has served on Tredyffrin’s Planning Commission for almost 10 years.  Appointed by the Republican-dominated Board of Supervisors, Tory has freely volunteered much valuable technical assistance, collaborative evaluation and planning for our community.  She has logged in hundreds of hours, attending over 200 Planning Commission meetings, drafting numerous zoning ordinance amendments, and serving on or chairing a multitude of subcommittees.

Tory’s hard work and independent analysis have earned her bi-partisan respect and endorsement.

The current Chair of the Planning Commission, Republican Bob Whalen says:

“Tory has been a true asset to the Tredyffrin Planning Commission.  Her professionalism, planning experience, and good judgment aligned with her vision five her the unique ability to guide Tredyffrin Township into the 21st century.”

Past Chairman and current Planning Commission member Bob O’Leary endorses Tory by saying:

“Tory is uniquely qualified to implement the Township’s Comprehensive Plan in a fiscally-responsible manner.  Tory gets the job done.”

Of And For The Community

There is a certain absurdity in questioning whether Tory Snyder will “be there for Tredyffrin.”

  • Tory grew up here.  She’s a life-long township resident whose parents still live in the Malvern area of Tredyffrin.
  • Tory is T/E school district mother and the wife of a registered Republican.
  • Tory’s planning commission experience means she thoroughly knows every street and utility byway of our community.

Tory Snyder’s Record of Voting

In his mailings to the East Region, Olson is criticizing Tory Snyder’s voting record–saying that she has a poor percentage of participating.  This is common strategy used against Tredyffrin Democratic candidates, and particularly favored by Mr. Olson.  To attempt this charge and the math he uses, Olson has to go back a decade or more, to an era of Republican one-party rule, when Democrats did not have much stake in primaries and local elections.  Fortunately, that era has passed!

The reality:  Tory has voted in 8 of the last 10 elections.

Tired attack:  Savvy voters will know Olson’s postcard is almost identical to what he used in attacking another candidate, attorney Ellen Brotman Austin, his opponent four years ago.

To find Tory missing at the polling place, Olson has to dig deeply and go back so far to include elections when Tory Snyder was away either getting married or giving birth.

Meanwhile, Mr. Olson has his own problems with voting–not at his precinct polling place, but rather with the votes he casts as a sitting supervisor.  This graphic summarizes Mr. Olson’s own questionable voting.

If you believe the decisions to implement our community’s vision should be made objectively, absent cronyism, and considering current conditions, you’ll agree Tory Snyder is a great fit for the supervisor job.

Please help your neighbors know the facts about her record of community service and encourage them to vote for Victoria Snyder for District 1 Supervisor.


Tory T/E Mother

Tory and her mother

Tory and Mother at Field of Dreams park

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