Getting To “YES” With Murph

Murph Wysocki YouTube ChannelAt-large supervisor candidate Murph Wysocki recently released another in his series of brief video messages.  This one focuses on his vision for pushing along the Paoli Transit Center project and how much completing the project would mean financially to greater Tredyffrin. Murph’s Paoli Transit talk is just slightly over a minute long and you can see it here.

Murph, along with supervisor candidates Molly Duffy and Tory Snyder, have all made economic revitalization major themes of their campaigns.

One of the obvious reasons that Murph Wysocki is keen about getting Tredyffrin storefronts occupied and our businesses more successful is his professional background. At the October 24 League of Women Voters debate for supervisor candidates, Murph summed up his experience:

“I’m a commercial real estate attorney with 39 years experience closing large, complex financial transactions.  I get people to ‘YES’.”

It’s great to hear Murph discuss local business development because he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the subject.  Listening to him, you realize how valuable it would be to have him “coaching” for Tredyffrin.  You can hear Murph first-hand in his short videos.

On-Demand Viewing for Supervisor Debate

You also have the opportunity to catch any portion of the supervisor debate, on-demand, any time you want, streamed to your computer, from this link.

Debate Video Indexed and AccessibleWe appreciate the tremendous community service the Chester County League of Women Voters provides in hosting the candidate debates.  Now Gene Donahue at the Tredyffrin public access TV network has made it totally convenient for you to study the candidates, by having the debate video available on-line.  You’ll find it extra helpful that the video file is indexed and divided by the subject question presented to the candidates. Therefore, you can simply click and jump to any portion of the discussion that catches your particular interest. No excuses anymore to arrive at the polling place uniformed!

When you vote November 8, remember that Murph Wysocki is the “Get-To-Yes-Man” Tredyffrin now needs.

Vote for our team– Murph, Molly Duffy and Tory Snyder –to move Tredyffrin forward on business revitalization and community enhancement.

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