Meet the Endorsed Tredyffrin Democratic Supervisor Candidates

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All four Supervisor candidates were endorsed by the Tredyffrin Township Democratic Party at their meeting on March 18th. All candidates prevailed in the Democratic primary and will be on the ballot in November.

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Meet the Endorsed Tredyffrin Democratic School Board Candidates

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Four School Board candidates were endorsed by the Tredyffrin Township Democratic Party at their meeting on March 18th. All candidates won in the Democratic Primary and will appear on the ballot in November.

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Mary McCracken for Township Auditor

"SIO Leadership Salt Lake City"

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The Elected Auditor serves for a 4-year term and provides oversight to the annual
independent audit and can provide additional oversight into the township’s finances.

Mary has 30+ years of wide-ranging banking/financial services experience, including municipal finance, to the position of Township Auditor. She is well qualified to fulfill the duties of the office.

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Marriage Equality-Supreme Court Decides

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Historic Decision from the Supreme Court Reactions from Elected Officials Gov. Wolf, a Democrat, praised the ruling – ” `Gay marriage’ is now simply marriage” – while Gov. Christie, a Republican, grudgingly agreed to comply. “I don’t agree with the way it was done,” he said. “But it’s been done, and those of us who take […]

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Primary Results 2015

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Primary day is over. Turnout was as predicted very light. In Tredyffrin just over 3000 people chose to come to the polls and vote. That is around 14% or 1 out of 7. Do you think such a small minority should be making decisions for our community?

The Results

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Know your Chester County Candidates


This election has Tredyffrin candidates and Chester County Candidates and judges.


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Senator Toomey Votes Against Pennsylvanians Again

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On Student loans, on access to benefits, on improving our infrastructure Toomey says NO.

Do you have family members with student loans? Do you think student struggling with student debt should be able to refinance to a lower rate?
Pat Toomey does not.
Should legally married people have access to Veteran’s benefits and Social Security spousal benefits?
Pat Toomey does not.
Pennsylvania has the most bridges in the country rated deficient. Think our roads and bridges could use repairs and upgrades? Think Pennsylvanians could use the jobs repairing those roads and bridges.
Pat Toomey does not.

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