Clinton Ahead in Polls-Lets help her stay ahead

Volunteer at Opening for Clinton Campaign office in West Chester

Opportunities to help the Clinton/McGinty Campaigns

Visit the new office in West Chester and volunteer. Address is 127 N. Church Street.
Find an event near you. Got to Events. 

 Phone Bank-Multiple times and locations

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Improved Roads and Bridges near Tredyffrin

sullivan bridge opening August 2016

The opening ceremony for Sullivan’s Bridge in Valley Forge. Part of the project to replace the 422 bridges at Valley Forge.
Representative Warren Kampf stated that he could not take credit for the project. He was too modest. He voted against the funding for the project twice.

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Public Officials Must Stand up and Be Counted-Costello silence is deafening

Mike Parrish for House of Representatives

Mike Parrish, candidate for the House of Representatives, has called on Ryan Costello to take a stand. Costello’s silence when Donald Trump denigrates a Gold Star family should not be acceptable in our community.

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Pat Toomey is not protecting Pennsylvanians


As we debate, grieve, talk, respond in horror about Orlando; here are two contrasting positions on guns.

Our Senator Pat Toomey voting against a bill to ban firearm sales to people on the terror watchlist.

President Obama speaks about gun control.

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Blind Leading the Blind? Costello Backs Trump

Mike Parrish for House of Representatives

Republican leaders from across the country have already stepped forward and denounced Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.  What about our Representative in Congress?
parrish trump costello toomey banner

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