Meet Our Candidates!

Tom Wolf
PA Governor
Manan Trivedi
US House
Marian Moskowitz
PA House
Democratic Ballot
Wolf Head Shot 200 Manan 200 Marianvertical 200 vote straight party nov2014

The election is coming up on November 4th – to find out about our fantastic candidates, click on their pictures! To preview the sample ballot, simply click on the ballot picture.

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New Signs Popping Up in Tredyffrin

issue signs2 nov2014

issue signs nov2014

New signs showing up  around the Township. Our Representative  voted against Act 89 of 2013 which is funding road and bridge repairs and Transportation projects like the Paoli Train Station. Our Representative voted with Tom Corbett on the fracking bill which did not impose an extraction tax on the drillers. Vote on November 4 for new leadership and new ideas. Vote on November 4 for “we, the people” not big energy companies.

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No where to go but up! Pennsylvania ranks 50th in Job Creation

Pennsylvania’s rank for percent job growth since January 2011 has fallen to last place among states, based on employment data for September 2014 released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “We were ranked in the top 10 for job growth in 2010. Then tens of thousands of layoffs in education, and the state’s postponed investment […]

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Women of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania women have the power to change the future of their state, and their own lives, by voting in next month’s election. The question is, do they understand the high stakes that make their participation vital?

The women of Pennsylvania, more than five million strong, can and should be the decisive force in electing the policymakers who will determine the laws on issues like economic security, reproductive rights, domestic violence, and education. These issues affect women more than they do men. And poll after poll shows that women care more about these issues than men do.

See the entire article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Click Here

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Kampf votes against Valley Creek and storm water control


Subdivision flooding bill

Our representative, Warren Kampf, voted for this bill. It removes protections for many streams across Pennsylvania including Valley Creek which crosses Tredyffrin.

Review the whole article from the Inquirer by clicking on the link.

Inquirer Article

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Illegal Re-Alignment of Precincts in 157th House Race

Chester County Voter Services Attempts To Tamper With Election

Obama won this precinct in 2012 by 322 to 174

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